Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritz Make Sweet Music

2. listopadu 2009 v 19:25 |  jine
Je to anglicky, ale věřím, že když si s něčím nebudete vědět rady, někdo vám ochotně pomůže :-)

Emmy Rossum may be suffering the end of a secret marriage, but she and the new man in her life, Adam Duritz, are already making sweet music together, Duritz tells PEOPLE.
Rossum, 23, whose husband Justin Siegel recently filed for divorce, was all in white at the American Ballet Theater Fall gala at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in New York on Wednesday. She was there with Duritz, lead singer of Counting Crows, with whom she's been seen smooching in Manhattan and Beverly Hills lately.
"I like to dress up," said tuxedo-clad Duritz, following a broadly smiling Rossum, wearing a Marchesa gown, into the gala. "I like bow ties." Asked if she enjoyed herself this evening, Rossum replied, "Very fun, thank you." The two held hands on their way to dinner after the performance.
Duritz, 45, has previously dated Courtney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston and Mary Louise Parker. But is the singer, who rocks a giant Rasta coif, sophisticated enough for Rossum, who attended private school in Manhattan and studied opera from a young age?
"I love opera," he said. "I love Puccini. I like culture, museums and football games. I saw Swan Lake last year in L.A. And I had a friend that danced for ABT [American Ballet Theatre] right out of college."
He also loved Emmy's 2004 film The Phantom of the Opera - or at least her parts in it.
"She can sing her ass off. But she toured with us onstage, so I knew how she could sing," he said. "I sing with her all the time. I actually think she sings better onstage with us … I like to make music with her."


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