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29. srpna 2010 v 15:04 |  jine

So.. a fun and surprisingly adventurous Friday night.. We'd just seen a flick at the Arclight in Hollywood (The Last Exorcism). It was 10:30 and I was heading home. As I turned out of the parking lot of the theater on Sunset, I saw something dart across two lanes of traffic and slammed on my breaks. Cars all around started honking and everyone realized that there was a yellow dog running across Sunset traffic.. the dog darted down a side street and I followed in hot pursuit...I'm always upset seeing strays or lost dogs.. having lost (and found) my own dogs once before, I feel compelled to follow to see if I can't help them in some way... The dog darted down alleys and I followed in my SUV all the way down to Santa Monica Blvd where she laid down flat in the middle of the road and cars swerved all around her, she was terribly frightened and started running again - I kept following - until she darted up some stairs into an apartment complex on Lexington in WeHo. I parked and hopped out. She was hiding, terrified between two apartment doors.  Here she is at the top of the stairs at the apt complex we followed her to. https://twitpic.com/2j35jx   I figured maybe that's where she lived, so I knocked on doors but none of the tenants seemed to recognize her. She was growling up a storm, but a kind neighbor had just made a homemade beef stew (THAT'S convenient!) and the dog seemed to warm to me as I threw her pieces of meat to try to get her to calm down a little. I wanted to get close enough to see if she had any tag or ID... but we soon realized she had no ID. I figured if I could get to calm down a little, maybe I could get her into my car, take her to the TLC 24 hr Animal Place on Santa Monica and see if she had a microchip. She was growling too much to chance getting any nearer. By this time it was midnight, we called the Fire Department and two FD came ( why are firemen always SO handsome?!  it's the hero thing right?)  and Mike helped us get her calmed down http://bit.ly/aY5Ifz (it was all very Cesar Millan) and into a leash that a neighbor lent us. Here she is (miserable but calm) in my car on the way to TLC.  http://bit.ly/ad61yr  The people at TLC were awesome and it turned out she was in fact microchipped!  Her name is Astro, she's a 2 year old beagle mix. She was rescued from the Mojave Desert last year and now belongs to a couple named Rob and Alice who live in West Hollywood. I spoke to Alice on the phone and told her that Astro was safe. Alice was actually at Cedars, she'd just given birth to a baby girl earlier in the day and their neighbor (who had been watching Astro while Alice was in labor) had taken Astro to Runyon Canyon on a hike earlier in the day. Astro had gotten loose w/o a collar or leash. She'd clearly been running for hours and poor dear was so freaked out when we spotted her miles away from Runyon in the middle of Sunset blvd Friday night traffic. Needless to say, Alice and Rob were SO overjoyed that Astro was safe!!! Rob was actually still on Runyon looking for her late into the night!
Once I knew her owners were on the way to get her and bring her home, Astro and I had a cuddle-fest.  Or rather... I had a cuddle-fest with Astro. I was so relieved and happy... but I had been THISCLOSE to just taking her home with me to live with my pooches.   http://bit.ly/9yDIV4    http://bit.ly/9JaZ4A
She DID pee on my handbag, (check out that WET spot! http://bit.ly/bc0Lce ) but who cares, that's just collateral damage for a good deed and Astro getting home safely.
And here's Astro reunited with her dad.  http://bit.ly/9mTvck (The owner looked like Hugh Grant AND had a Brit accent... I MEAN!!)  It felt so great to see Astro so happy and reunited with her owner. I can't thank everyone enough, from the FD to the people at TLC 24-hr Animal Clinic, and the neighbor with the beef stew. Astro had quite and adventure and got home safe.
Here's a VERY silly video of me and @jaclynbetham  with Astro the lost pup at 1:30 in the morning at the TLC Animal Clinic. http://bit.ly/d67ELw Jaci and I are TOTALLY GIDDY and spacey after saving Astro from Sunset traffic and the pound. This is right after we've heard that Astro's folks are on the way to bring her home safely. Beware, lots of silly-ness ensues when @jaclynbetham and I get together after 1am. Just sayin'

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