Emmy Rossum: On break-ups and being happy

26. listopadu 2010 v 18:47 |  jine
Emmy Rossum has heard it before: "People say that, 'Where have you been?' It's so weird to me."
Rossum, 24, tells USA TODAY's Olivia Barker that she's been waiting for the right role -- and finally found it with her gritty new Showtime series, Shameless, which premieres Jan. 9. She plays Fiona, the oldest of six children of a narcissistic, alcoholic single parent (William H. Macy).
"Hollywood doesn't provide you with tons of opportunities if you're a woman," she says. "I don't want to go run around in my underwear and be chased by a guy with a knife. When you're 22 and 23, there's not much that's not either, like, silly teen comedies or horror movies."
Instead, she's chosen "to work on material that inspires me -- where I feel like I can add something to world, even if just little bit." Getting cast on Shameless, "this is happiest I've ever been in my whole life."
Rossum, who divorced her music producer husband Justin Siegel last year, also reveals that she's single again: She and Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz split two months ago. Nonetheless, "we're still very close friends," she says.

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