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Elie Tahari 'Emmy' bag launch Benefiting Safe Horizon - April 7, 2011

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Emmy si na benefiční večer na počest ,,své kabelky" oblékla outfit z továrny Elie Tahari

My Favorite Comedy Movie: Emmy Rossum

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"My favorite comedy is 'As Good As It Gets.'
"I love that movie! Jack Nicholson is absolutely perfect in that. He's Melvin! He's perfect! And he and Helen Hunt together, they both nailed it. Not every movie finds that kind of energy. But this one does, and it's so fun to watch.
"But mostly, I love the scene when Jack Nicholson puts the dog in the trash compactor. I just feel so bad for that dog, but I can't help but laugh!
"That comedy is seriously as good as it gets."

Up Close with Shameless Star Emmy Rossum

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It's no secret that Emmy Rossum, star of the Showtime series Shameless, is in great shape. The actress has always been an avid dancer and followed a gluten-free diet for years. But when it comes to filming scenes for her body-baring role as Fiona, she admits to not having total body confidence. Here, Rossum talks about getting over those insecurities, her diet (including the food she can't live without), the exercise she hates, and why she thinks even supermodels like Marisa Miller have fat days.

SHAPE: In Shameless the series opens with you in your underwear and goes on to reveal even more skin. What did you do to get ready for such a revealing role?
Emmy Rossum: I think it's about exercise, my endorphin level, and feeling confident [more than beauty secrets]. I'm lucky that my character isn't a Serena Van der Woodsen. I don't have to look like an Upper East Side girl; I can look like a real girl. [My character] Fiona is not a member of Equinox so I don't have to worry about looking perfect all the time.

SHAPE: When you do want to look good, what beauty products do you turn to?
Rossum: I love beauty products that double as other things. There's an RMS lip/cheek duo you can use on anything that's great. I also like Suave vibrant shine spray. If I wake up and my hair looks dry or dull it really makes it look healthy and shiny like I just washed it.

SHAPE: What do you do to stay in shape?
Rossum: I take a lot of dance classes. I grew up doing ballet. I love Physique 57. Generally, I take spinning and I try to do things in groups. I don't like a one-on-one trainer-too much pressure. And I hate push-ups, I hate them with a passion.

SHAPE: So can you do pushups?
Rossum: I can do about 8 with proper form, and then I've got to go on my knees. It's pathetic! And I'm shaking at 8-dying!

SHAPE: Do you work out to music or in silence?
Rossum: I have to work out to music or a TV show like Pretty Little Liars. It's just so all encompassing. I completely forget the world and enter this silly little murder mystery. I also work out to Rihanna. It's empowering and sexy.

SHAPE: Although Fiona is a real woman, did you change your diet to get ready for the role?
Rossum: I've always been gluten free so that helps me to not snack on things that, in theory, put on weight. Not to say that I don't eat crème brulee on the weekend-I do! I think if you deprive your body of anything for too long, your body will crave it and be really miserable.

SHAPE: Is there a food that you just can't give up?
Rossum: Carbs. I can't do Atkins. Being gluten free is big enough already. I do brown rice, I do potatoes-I love mashed potatoes. I do quinoa. I just need some kind of carbs in my diet. Otherwise, I just feel hungry!

SHAPE: Do you have any secrets for total body confidence while you're filming Shameless?
Rossum: No, I don't think anyone has total confidence. Maybe Marisa Miller does, but I'm sure she even has fat days. It's so hard to have confidence when you're by yourself and all the images that are projected seem so unattainable. When you look in the mirror, you can't help but feel like 'I don't look like that.'
I think that you have to know that when a woman walks into the room and she smiles, laughs, and has a good time, that's the girl you want to be around. You just have to throw your shoulders back-that's what my mom always told me when I was growing up!

Emmy Rossum Shares Beauty Dos and Don’ts

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When Emmy Rossum gets glam, she leaves nothing to chance. The Shameless star, 24, opens up about her date night rituals, hair-and-makeup superstitions and primping pet peeve. Surprise: She even gets her cat in on the action!
For Emmy, the most essential ingredient in a beauty regimen is self-esteem.
"When a girl walks into a room and smiles and is sure of herself - you think of women like Katharine Hepburn, Angelina Jolie or Julianne Moore - and I think they had so much confidence," she tells me during The Suave Challenge held this week in NYC. "Even Cleopatra. So much confidence!"
The divorced beauty, who has dated Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, shares her dating rituals.
"I always put perfume behind my ears, a shine spray on my hair, lip balm and a smoky eye," she reveals. "But no lipstick because I want a kiss at the end."
She swears by the oil Zuzu's Petals.
"It's all natural. It's a little roll-on. You can even travel with it on a plane."
One thing men will never catch her wearing?
"No red lips on a first date!"
Another thing we'll never see her do is bust out a comb.
"My pet peeve is people who brush their hair in public," she confesses. "It seems inappropriate."
Still, her locks are hugely important to her.
"I'm superstitious about cutting my hair. It makes me nervous. I had a bad haircut when I was five. It was about two inches long, and super curly. It was not cute, so I get nervous when the scissors come out."
Wait, so she hasn't had a bad haircut since she was five?
"No, because I really haven't … I've only trimmed."
Emmy's primping habits also extend to her new cat, Fiona, which is named after the character she plays on her racy Showtime comedy Shameless.
"She likes to curl up in my fireplace when it's off, so she gets a lot of sooty ashes on her, and she's half white, so I give her baths," she says. "A nice shampoo. She doesn't like it, but she gets a bath every week or two. She gets pretty sooty. I have to try and find a way to keep her out of the fireplace."
Cats hate baths!
"She's sweet, but she's a little aggressive."
Well, little Fiona could bond with dog Cinnamon, but they don't get along.
"She doesn't; they don't. I mean, he wants to embrace her, and she really wants to punch him in the face."
Through good hair days and bad hair days, Emmy's pets are always there for her.
"It's a sense of coming home to something that loves you unconditionally," she says. "I do the same for them."
Thanks to Suave, bad hair days are a thing of the past.
"When Suave approached me and said they reformulated their whole line, and it was different from the products I remember in the drugstore when I was as a kid, I had them send me the products. I tried them out, and really, really loved them. I thought the quality was just as good as the really expensive stuff that I had in my bathroom at the time, so I switched everything out."

Emmy at LAX - March 27, 2011

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Emmy opět na letišti. Poslední dobou je v těchto prostorách více než doma :D

Suave Studio Photo Session- March 23, 2011

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Emmy v hedvábných šatech Derek Lam, botičkách Brian Atwood s doplňky Ippolita (náramek) a Jamie Wolf (náušnice)