Srpen 2011

Emmy´s fotky

24. srpna 2011 v 14:19 z alba ER

a trochu starší fotky :D

Michigan Avenue Magazine’s September Issue Cover Party – August 21, 2011

24. srpna 2011 v 14:13 Emmy 2011

Emmy na večírku zářila v šatech Gerarda Darela

"Conan" TV Show - March 1, 2011

21. srpna 2011 v 9:49 Emmy 2011

Emmy byla v březnu hostem v oblíbené Conan show :D

Emmy at the Tiffany & Co. dinner - August 19, 2011

20. srpna 2011 v 9:00 Emmy 2011

Emmy zářila na večírku, pořádaným značkou Tiffany, jako jeden ze šperků :D

V šatech Katharine Kidd, botičkách Christian Louboutin a ve špercích samozřejmě Tiffany B)

vypátrala jsem nějaké další fotky! na netu jich je požehnaně málo! :(

Emmy Rossum Out Shopping In Beverly Hills - August 17, 201

19. srpna 2011 v 20:41 Emmy 2011

Emmy si vyšla na nákupy. A každý přeci ví, že s cool kloboukem a ledovou kávou to jde samo :D

At Tasti-D Lite - September 12, 2008

17. srpna 2011 v 21:25 Emmy 2008

A teď se vrátíme trochu do minulosti - rok 2008 :D

Emmy and William H. Macy for “Los Angeles Confidential”

17. srpna 2011 v 21:15 Emmy 2011

Emmy na těchto fotkách vypadá naprosto fantasticky!!!

Emmy for Michigan Avenue

17. srpna 2011 v 20:53 Emmy 2011

Leave it to Chicago and Showtime's Shameless to provide Emmy Rossum with the role for which she's become best known: Fiona Gallagher, the oldest daughter in one of the most insanely, entertainingly screwed-up families in recent television history. But how does an actress with a face so innocent she looks like a Disney animation figure come to life get cast in such a gritty, sexy, poverty-class Chicagoan role? "In [the producers' minds], it was definitely not a slam dunk," Rossum tells me. "It was against type. I had to audition [several times]. But anything worth getting is not going to be easy. I was so thrilled to get the part."

Emmy in Beverly Hills - August 9, 2011

12. srpna 2011 v 17:22 Emmy 2011

se stejnými šaty se objevila i Zoe Saldana, zřejmě šaty okouzlily i ji nebo byly 2 za cenu 1 :D

Emmy Rossum on the Set of 'Shameless' - August 8, 2011

12. srpna 2011 v 17:09 Emmy 2011

Emmy se v čase přestávky od natáčení osvěžila ovocným nanukem a spolu s hereckou kolegyní pokecaly o životě.

Emmy v časopisech

10. srpna 2011 v 11:21 jine

Weekly Portrait of A Natural Beauty – Emmy Rossum

10. srpna 2011 v 11:13 jine

What can I say? Emmy Rossum has been an inspiration to me for many years. Continually surprising me with her beauty and mind I always feel so blessed to be in her presence. I am so happy to see her achieve such great success with her new show Shameless.
As she is such a young talent she has a lifetime ahead of her and I can't wait to see what she does next.

Name: Emmanuelle "Emmy" Rossum
What you do? Play pretend for a living. Some call it "acting."
Who Are You? A girl from new York city.
Where are You? An airport in Oklahoma.
How we met? At a Vanity Fair shoot in 2004 and have been inseparable ever since.
Something no one knows about you? I met my grandmother for the first time this year.
What is your most marked beauty secret? Exfoliate the lips with balm and a toothbrush before applying lipstick.
What is your idea of earthly happiness? An icey drink on a beach with a funny and or handsome man.
I dont leave home without? Iphone and a mini roll on perfume.
Dream Job? Pastry chef or Prosecutor.
Who are your beauty icons? Princess Diana, Lauren Hutton, Audrey Tatou.
What quality do you most admire in a woman? Smarts.
Morning Glory or Night Owl? Morning Glory.
Family Beauty secret? Red lips will make any day brighter.
Vegetarian or Carnivore? A gluten free carnivore.
What is your signature Style? American chic cozy.
What country would you most like to live? France.
Favorite color? Blue.
Favorite flower? Lily.
What natural and/or organic beauty product can't you live Without? Organic Wear Blusher in Soft Ginger and RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Concealer.
Mascara or Lipstick? Mascara everyday.
Shower or bath? Bath.
Favorite part of your Body? Collarbone because it looks equally sexy in a strapless dress or a simple tank top.
Vogue or New York Times? NYT!
What is the beat part of your beauty routine? Blusher!
What is your beauty motto? Less is more.
One wish right now…Laudree Macarons.