INSIDE -- Episode 8: Day 11

5. srpna 2011 v 17:31 |  Inside (2011) SHORT FILM

For over 10 days, Christina was trapped Inside and did not break. Thousands of you posted messages of support, helped solve clues as to her whereabouts, and communicated with her in real time. But in the end, Christina could not escape the fact that her battery was running out -- and with it, her connection to the outside world.

Her army of friends pieced together clues. A date: 8/4/11. A time: 8:15am. A location: Union Station in Los Angeles. But what would happen then and there? Christina refused to just wait to find out. And so, she did the unthinkable.

This is the final episode of The Inside Experience. But, like most things about Inside, it may not really be the end.

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